Savvy Integration


Integration with existing legacy PBXs

Integrate your existing PBX with Savvy UC VoIP PBX to get the added benefits of VoIP while reducing annual costs.

As businesses prepare to migrate from traditional telephone system they face many hard decisions.  Which manufacture? What features are needed? Premised based or a cloud solution? Capex or Opex? has the answers. Our Savvy UC solution seamlessly integrates to most legacy PBX systems. Savvy UC uses SIP to integrate seamlessly and offer all the latest features and technology available today. Savvy is a software solution that can be deployed as a premise solution, a cloud solution, or a hi-bred solution. Many businesses like having the comfort of have a redundant solution to assure communication continue when your carrier services fail.

Savvy UC offers Enterprise Level Features

Why should enterprise-class features only be available to large business?

With Savvy UC, businesses of all sizes can enjoy Enterprise-Level features that all businesses require. Savvy UC also can be configured with High Availability for those customers that feel phones are their lifeline and can't afford to be down.

Cloud or On-Premise? Don't worry because Savvy UC can do both, at the same time!!!

Savvy UC enables businesses to move voice resources to the cloud, while simultaneously delivering security, redundancy and ease of installation. In addition to offering the solution on AWS as a private cloud option, Savvy servers can also be installed on customer premises, making this a true Hybrid cloud solution. This guarantees business continuity with overall survivability regardless of a failure at any single location.

Savvy's 'Bring Your Own Cloud' approach offers the flexibility of choosing the most suitable cloud provider for your company.

Savvy is a software only Communications solution that consolidates disparate business applications into a single, fault tolerant platform. The UC platform, Savvy Contact Center, and Savvy Voicemail, all reside in one virtual instance or COTS server. Savvy runs on any virtualization platform including VMware, Hyper-V and AWS, and can easily port from one platform to another. Cloud based, hybrid or on premises, Savvy provides the same enterprise grade feature set and capabilities.

Have it your way, you make the choice.

  1. In the public cloud
  2. In your private cloud
  3. On premise
  4. All of the above

Savvy UC is flexible, affordable and feature rich. No other product can compare. How do we integrate seamlessly? has developed, tested seamless integration to Shoretel*, NEC, Cisco* and Avaya that allow business to retain legacy equipment and protect their previous investment. All integration is software only utilizing SIP to connect the systems.

Integration to dispersant systems can be a daunting task,'s approach allows your customers to retain current platforms while expanding their feature set and scalability. The Savvy product connects via standard SIP, either SIP Station or SIP trunk depending on the platform.

  • Savvy UC connecting to an NEC SV8500 S7+ System would utilize SIP Trunk and SIP Station with LAN Based MCI Protocol.
  • Savvy UC connecting to a ShoreTel system would utilize SIP Trunk Proxy Service.
  • Savvy UC connecting to an Avaya or a Cisco would utilize SIP Station.

*currently in testing

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